All our raw materials and end products are systematically controlled, analysed and traced, in accordance with a specific monitoring programme.


Our plant is ISO 9001 and OQUALIM certified with Guides to Good Practices of Compound Feed Manufacturing Animals (GBP AC).


The french animal feed industry is committed in 2000 to a voluntary approach by developing its Guides to Good Practices of Compound Feed Manufacturing Animals (GBP AC), specifically adapted to the food manufacturer business to animals and officially recognized by the authorities, under Regulation 183/2005 (Hygiene feed).


This Guide integrate a specific certification for horsefeed production.


Our monitoring programme includes verification of the lack of nutritional contaminants in our feeds with a doping effect, commonly known as the “Anti-Doping Programme (ADP)”, whereupon samples are sent to the French racehorse laboratory [Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques - LCH] for testing.







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