• Nutritional balancers

All our feeds are formulated by an expert nutritionist to ensure compliance with the feed balancers in the horse. Our range provides a solution to each specific need, from the new-born foal right up to the top-level competitor.

• Digestibility

We select the ingredients for our diets in accordance with their digestibility and their benefits for the horse’s digestive system: cooked cereals, extruded linseed, toasted soya beans, alfalfa chaff, flora bio-regulators, plant extracts, antioxidants, etc.).

• Technical development

All our feeds are formulated and supplemented in a manner to encourage the proper functioning of the body’s metabolism and to enhance performance: carbohydrate balance - lipids for energy; HUPGRADE® and ACTISAF® concept for flora balance and overall metabolism; POWER concept for recovery, immunity, elimination and digestive efficiency.


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