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Concerned with your needs and your horse’s wellbeing, HORSE UP pays particular attention to the quality and precesses of its products.


Our factory is specialised in the manufacturing of muesli and fiber mix horsefeeds.





We use both flaked and Presco® materials for our muesli :


To produce flakes, cereals are cooked in steam and then flatttened.

 Presco® products comprise expanded grains which are puffed via a process of "pressure cooking".


Both these treatment involves starch gelatinisation to various degrees, depending on the method. The digestibility of most cereal types in the small intestine then increases to over 90% with Presco® treatment.


This makes ideal material for the production of high digestible and palatable horse feeds.





We use a selected quality of extruded linseed to supplement all our formulas.


This process, a combination of friction, steam pressure and compression before drying.


It improves and secures digestion.











Our factory is leader in high quality Fiber and muesli mix.



We have a mix bowl dedicated to fiber muesli to preserve mecanical and palatable benefits of forages such as alfalfa and premium hay.


Our packaging system allows to fill and compress the bag in order to package voluminous products such as fiber mix.


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